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At Flying L Stable we customize the training we provide to teach both the horse and the owner.  We want you to understand not only what we are doing but why.

By taking this approach you can continue to strenghten the bond between you and your horse well after our services are no longer needed.

We also realize that everyones needs are different and no single training package can encompass everyones needs.

Regardless if your horse is stabled here and recieves daily training or if you haul in on a weekend once a month, our goal is to assist you in developing a bond between you and your horse that is built on safety, mutual trust and understanding.

We specialize in working with new to intermediate riders, starting with developing trust and respect on the ground which then transitions into the saddle to develop a soft, willing and brave horse. 


Our favorite thing to do is working with youth and teaching them to ride and care for horses.  Contact us today and give your child a rewarding opportunity to develop a sense of pride and accomplishment!


Western riding lessons are just $45.00 per lesson and we have a variety of horses at different levels as your riding skills progress!

We also offer discounts if you wish to ride more than once a week.  

Rates: With our horses

Single Lesson - $45.00

Package deals

4 lessons within 30 days - $160.00 ($40.00 each)

8 lessons within 30 days - $300.00 ($37.50 each)

12 lessons within 30 days - $400.00 ($33.33 each)

Lessons with your horse


Package deals are non refundable or transferable.  If lessons are not used within 30 days, a service fee of $5.00 per lesson purchased will be assessed to your account. (If cancellations occur due to weather or our part, added time will be given to complete the package deals).

Lessons canceled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged the lesson amount.

(Cancellations due to weather or our part do not apply)




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